Pick up and Drop off only, unless an appointment has been scheduled for an at-home/work visit. This mobile service is an additional $150 charge.

Standard Maintenance (2 - 6 Hours)

$150-$200 for well-maintained/new vehicles
$200+ for vehicles not maintained.
Send a handful of photos in your email for service estimate


Zero-water runoff steam cleaning of exterior
Hand dry using microfiber towels
Bug Removal From Paint
Air purification using an Ozone machine (if requested)
Apply a protective coat of light ceramic coating OR wax, depending on your needs
Vacuum Interior carpets, mats, and seats
Spot cleaning of the headliner
De-ionization and sanitization of interior using eco-friendly chemicals and steam power.
Clean wheels and wheel wells, then dress tires
Clay bar paint (leaves paint clean and smooth as glass), then apply wax or ceramic (additional costs up to $400)
Deep cleaning of door and trunk jambs (including gas cap area)
Engine Bay ($50-$100)

Interior or exterior only (1-3 Hours)
$75-$100 (drop-off only)

Everything on your car that exists inside or outside of each rubber door gasket creates a barrier for detail shops to use to define whats inside, or outside your vehicle. It helps us understand what microfiber towels to bring and use on a particular job site.
An interior will only be touched with microfiber towels dedicated to interiors to reduce the chances of grime and grit from the outside reaching inside and vice versa for clients seeking exterior only washes with wax. Ceramic coats are additional due to the cost of materials and time needed to complete that job.

Our 3 products
— Standard, Inside, and Outside!

Standard Inside and Out


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